Please take a look at a list of my queens.

Jentoria Twinkle, BSH Silver Spotted.

Twinkle is a lovley British Shorthair Silver Spotted. She is a great mum and produces lovley kittens that also have her outgoing personality.

Jentoria Maisi, BSH Silver Tabby.

Maisi is a very stunning girl with beautiful markings and a lovley temperment. She is a quiet cat and likes a quiet life.

Jentoria Crystal, BSH Blue.Crystal is a beautiful British Shorthair Blue who produces lovley kittens.

Jentoria Mini, BSH Black Smoke.

Lovely Back smoke that produces super kittens.

Jentoria Pippi, Brown Spotted Bengal.

pippi is a beautifully marked brown spotted Begal and Opal is a beautiful Snow Spotted Bengal.